Talks & Press

Invited Talks


“The Politics of Cheap Food.” University of Trento, Italy. Department of Sociology and Social Research. July 9.

“A Cynic’s Guide to Animal Liberation: Cellular Agriculture and the Politics of Production.” Johns Hopkins University. Department of Political Science Seminar Series. February 28.


“Uncertain Hog Futures: Life, Death, and Arbitrage on the Factory Farm.” The University of Sydney. December 17.

“How to Profit from a Virus (or, The Financial Life of the Capitalist Pig).” Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia. Deakin Critical Animal Studies Network / Alfred Deakin Institute for Citizenship and Globalization. December 11.

“Slaughterhouses and Violent Labor.” University of California, Santa Barbara. Department of Comparative Literature: “Vegan Literature.” November 5.

“Slaughterhouse Ethnographies.” University of California, San Diego. Studio for Tactical Ethnography. February 20.

“Financialization on the Factory Farm.” University of California, Santa Barbara. Center for the Study of Work, Labor, and Democracy. January 26.


“Uncertain hog futures (or, two bacon shortages and the financial life of the capitalist pig).” University of Chicago Animal Studies Workshop. Chicago, IL. November 18.


“Beyond Animal Farm: Rethinking the (Human) Limits of the Political.” University of Auckland Department of Political Science Seminar Series, April 13.


Panels Organized


“Thinking with Animals: Conceptualizing Politics Through a Nonhuman Lens.” Western Political Science Association Annual Meeting. San Diego. March 25.




“Animals, Contradiction, and Value” by Dinesh Wadiwel. University of California, Santa Barbara. January 29.


Counting Species by Rafi Youatt. New School for Social Research, Politics Department New Authors Symposium. December 7.


Presented Papers


“Is Cruelty Free Speech? Art, Violence, and Institutional Responses to Critique.” Western Political Science Association Annual Meeting. San Diego. April 19. (with Tania Islas Weinstein)


“ ‘… a moment of silence.’: The nonviolent slaughterhouse and Temple Grandin’s politics of reform and sacrifice.” Animaladies II. University of Wollongong, Australia. December 13.

“Uncertain Hog Futures: Life, Death, and Financialization on the Factory Farm.” Animals and the Left. New York University. June 29.

“The Bullfighter Dies: Masculinity, Violence, and Judgment at the End of an Era.” Latin American Studies Association (LASA) Annual Meeting. Barcelona. May 26.


“Uncertain Hog Futures: Biocapitalist Crisis and Financialization on the Factory Farm.” Imagining the Future: Financial Capitalism and the Social Imagination. University College London. July 11.

“A Profitable Virus: Biocapitalist Arbitrage and Financialization on the Factory Farm.” Heilbroner Center Symposium: What’s the Matter with Capitalism? New York City. April 21.

“What Exactly is Locker Room Talk? Sport and the Performance of Masculinity.” Visions for Canada. Carleton University, Ottawa. March 4.


“Research Beta: Kinesthetic Notes from an Ethnographic Training Journal.” American Anthropological Association (AAA) Annual Meeting. Minneapolis. Panel on “Extreme Anthropology: Fieldwork Training Regimes for New Bodily Terrain.” Nov. 18.

“Porcine Arbitrage: Financialized Life and the Biopolitics of Value.” Fellow Travelers: An Animal Studies Conference. Wesleyan University. Panel on “Animals and Biopower.” Middletown, Sep.30.

“American Swine: Ethnographic Value Chain Research as Epistemic Cartography.” American Political Science Association (APSA) Annual Meeting. Panel on “New Approaches to Ethnography.” Philadelphia, PA. Sep. 3.

“ ‘unresolved dilemmas…”: Subjectivity and instrumentality in the interspecies imaginaries of Temple Grandin and Donna Haraway.” WPSA Annual Meeting. San Diego. March 25.


“Stalled Ethics: The Gestation Crate as a Site of Commodity Compassion.” (with Lori Gruen) Pig Out: Hogs and Humans in Global and Historical Context. Yale University. October 1.

“Pig hunting in America: Discontinuous ethnography as epistemic cartography.” Meeting of the Ethnography of Movement and Mobility Research Cluster. The New School, NYC. May 8.


“How to Profit From an Epidemic: PEDv and Biopolitical Arbitrage on the Factory Farm.” Midwest Political Science Association (MPSA) Annual Meeting. Panel on “Justice, Human, Animal.” Chicago, IL. April 19.

“Creative Transparency: Animal Welfare Certification and the Politics of Humane Consumption.” American Political Science Association (APSA) Annual Meeting. Panel on “Food and Politics.” Washington, D.C. August 30.

“Sovereignty Beyond Territory and Species? The Implications of the Proposed Ross Sea Marine Protected Area.” Western Political Science Association (WPSA) Annual Meeting. Panel on “Preempting Anthropogenic Ecological Devastation.” Seattle. April 17.


“The Politics of Glass Walls: Industrial Farm Animals as Contested Commodities.” In Bodies We Trust: Performance, Affect & Political Economy. Northwestern University. October 13.

“ ‘Postmodernism’, (bio)politics, and the animal question: a response to Gary Steiner’s Animals and the Limits of Postmodernism.” Society for Existential and Phenomenological Theory and Culture at the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences of Canada. Victoria University. June 6.

“The Bacon Shortage and the Killable Commodity.” New School for Social Research Graduate Biopolitics Symposium. Panel on “Bestial-Human-Divine.” Feb. 23, 2013.

“This Little Piggy Went to Market.” Across Species Lines, New York University, Jan. 25.


“Important Cows, Feral Goats, Possum Pests: The New Zealand Biodiversity Strategy and the (Bio)Political Taxonomy of Introduced Species.” International Studies Association Northeast Conference, Baltimore. Panel on “Perspectives on Global Environmental Politics.” November 3.

“ ‘… a moment of silence.’: Temple Grandin, animal welfare, and the limits of rationalized interspecies violence.” Minding Animals, Utrecht, The Netherlands. Panel on “New Animal Ethics.” July 6.


“The Necropolitics of Whaling.” Oceanic Conference on International Studies (OCIS), University of Auckland, New Zealand. July 2.


Audio-Visual Exhibits


Photographs from fieldwork included in the “Ethnography in the Extended Field” exhibit (May-June) and online archive, hosted by the Graduate Institute for Design, Ethnography, and Social Thought (GIDEST). 

Media Appearances & Coverage


Moon, Emily. “Dairy Disneyland: One Farm’s Quest to Save Industrial Agriculture.Pacific Standard. March 19.

Shilton, A.C. “Protein of the Future.Johns Hopkins Magazine. Spring 2019. pp. 37-41.


McDonald, Matt and Bellini, Jason. “From Grass-Fed to Lab-Grown: How Meat is Evolving.” The Wall Street Journal. December 11.